la carrichosa

Natural quality


la carrichosa

Natural quality


la carrichosa

Natural quality


High quality

fresh fruit

with great flavor

Passionate about the product

A comprehensive service from the field to your table: farming, handling, packaging and commercialization.

Frutas La Carrichosa S.C.L. was born in 2003 thanks to the devotion of two companies with a long family tradition, Puntal Agraria S.A. and Agrícola Pony S.L., which decided to unite their efforts in order to create a cooperative with the aim of offering a higher quality product and a better service to the consumer.
Nowadays, in partnership with S.A.T. Los Melgos and Soto de la Zarzuela S.A., they have increased their production, continuation and sale of a product which is cared for and treated in a very personal way and with great devotion. Years of experience and commitment join these families who have grown up with a passion for this activity.

The figures of the union



continents of



hectares of



tons of



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Investing in our future

In 2016, La Carrichosa opened its new premises, investing in the latest techniques and equipment in the sector, an area of 10,000 m2 capable of processing two lines of products and preparing about 200,000 kilos of fruit a day.

Premises and processes

Continuous growth


establishment of the company

Partnership, tradition and commitment to offer fruits and grapes with high quality and flavor.


variety renovation

All our varieties of fruits were reevaluated in order to adapt to the market and to improve every product.


Our family grows

S.A.T. Los Melgos and Soto de la Zarzuela S.A. join our cooperative and we triple our annual production and our sales.


Natural digitalization

We implement an advanced computer system in order to guarantee the maximum quality and efficiency in our processes.

Farming and distributing freshness

Frutas la Carrichosa watches and manages every phase of the production process from the crops to the market.

A highly qualified staff is in charge of sowing and harvesting Peaches, Saturn Peaches, Nectarines, Platerines, Apricots, Pears and seedless Dessert Grapes. Moreover, we monitor and classify each piece of fruit, in order to pass the highest quality standards and offer quality to the customer.
We have a lab in charge of analyzing the different parameters of our fruit so that we can improve our production every year. We pack and store with great devotion in order to provide solutions to the demands of our clients: baskets, mesh bags, flow pack, loose and alveoli.
To our strong national market we can add our 15+ years of international experience, focused mainly on the UK and Germany, but also including other destinations such as France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Greece, United Arab Emirates and Singapore. Finally, we commercialize 100% of the products, thus controlling the unique quality that represents our company.













The benefits of our land

The ideal location of the southeast of Spain allows us to have an extensive annual production. Our orchards, located in different municipalities in the Region of Murcia, offer us the possibility of dividing the territory into very early-harvest areas (Alguazas-Archena-San Javier), early-harvest areas (Blanca-Abarán) and semi-early-harvest areas (Cieza-Calasparra).

With this distribution, we extend the working months and can be that our fruits are harvested despite possible climate disasters. We also use anti-hail netting systems.

Commitment and values that mark our work

At Frutas La Carrichosa, we are aware of the importance of paying attention to every detail and of the necessary devotion to offer a fresh and healthy product. This is why we submit to the strictest quality controls in order to certify our trust and work.
We support the Integrated Agriculture Plan of the European Union, completely respecting the environment and using methods which are only slightly invasive to nature and aimed at reducing waste to zero. We work hard on our commitment to optimize natural resources with varieties which are less water-demanding and have autoimmunity in order to globally reduce our use of pesticides and pollutants. A very important genetic role by which we carry out variety renovation.


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