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Nuestras instalaciones y procesos

Frutas La Carrichosa constantly invests in the improvement of its facilities and equipment with the aim of increasing its efficacy, productivity and the quality of its products.

In 2016, we opened the latest section of our premises with an area of over 10,000 m2, a main industrial unit of 5,000 m2 with two production lines, large loading docks and esplanades to facilitate access, transport and distribution.


We have a high quality gauge, which allows us to efficiently work on two products at the same time and prepare about 200,000 kilos a day. Moreover, 4 basket lines operate simultaneously to produce mesh bags and flow-packs. During the grape season, we activate 3 lines which can hold over 100 handlers, thus working in an efficient and fast way, increasing the freshness of each bunch at their final destination.


Food safety

At our own lab, our professionals constantly take samples to analyze and guarantee the quality and certification of our products, measuring parameters such as sugar, caliber, firmness, color-ripening…



The company, thanks to its team, works in direct collaboration with the final client, thus being able to adapt the packaging to their needs, always having the aim of reducing costs without depreciating the quality of each fruit.


Cold chain

This 2017, we have installed a modern air-conditioning system at our warehouse, which keeps a constant temperature of 21 degrees Celsius in the whole area. This allows our workers to handle the fruit in a fresh environment and to keep an unbroken cold chain. To our capacity to store in cold conditions we have added new systems for the improvement and preservation of products before and after their preparation.



This year, we have implemented a new computer tracking and management system. This improvement has meant a great investment and a leap forward in the quality and organization of the company.


Commitment, Care and People

Caring for people, we care about the quality of all our products.

Every year, Frutas la Carrichosa devotes part of its efforts and allocates part of its budget to the improvement of the quality and working conditions of the staff, expanding the break areas and facilities and adapting the posts and work equipment.